Interesting facts about English

We all know that English is an interesting language with vast usage. Learning is like an ocean. So, though we know how to speak in English there are certain weird things in English which made English a difficult thing. I want to present you some interesting facts about the English language which is helpful to know where the new learners struggle. Join the Spoken English Classes in Chennai to become an expert in the English language.

Pattern and similarities of English language:

It is difficult to analyze and understand the pattern of the English language. Sole and soul sounds like same but it has different meanings. There are so many best institutes who conduct the Spoken English Class in Chennai to train the students in all the areas. Read and read sounds like the same but both are used for the present tense and the future tense. These types of words are called homophones in English. Bare and bear sounds like the same but both have different meanings. So, English is a tricky language. Without practice, it is difficult to understand the pattern of the language and the similar words. There are some verbs which sound alike in the past tense, present tense and future tense. Bet, broadcast, burst, cut; cost, cast and fit are some of the example words for the similar words. Spoken English in Chennai is the important area to focus because it enhances the job opportunities and increases the tourism industry also. Tourism industry attracts the huge foreign population.

Grammar and pronunciation:

The answer and the question are the same. It is easy to write the answer as the grammar in the question and answer is the same. For instance, if the question is like is it? Then the answer is yes it is. So, it is a stereotype to believe that one can learn English successfully with simple ways to remember the language. Listen to English films, English videos and chat with the native English speakers. The pronunciation in the English language is difficult to understand without practice. Simple grammar and the simple pronunciation can be improved by using the simple learning techniques. Join the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai to improve the language skills.

Vocabulary and phrases:

The vocabulary and phrases are the challenging part of the English language as it requires huge memory. The easiest way of learning the vocabulary are learning the new word with a sentence and using the sentence often when speaking. Use the new words or vocabulary when speaking to get used to it. Learn the phrases and use the phrases in your native language. Correlating the vocabulary and the phrases in a native language and using it in the day to day life improves the spoken English skills. Don’t feel to make mistakes when speaking in the English language. We learn from our mistakes. So, mistakes boost up our memory and correct us when speaking repetitively. So, learn from multiple resources like online, film media, real-time chat with native speakers and friends chat. Learning with intense interest is the secret method to win over and get fluency in the English language.