What are the new features in android?

Jet pack and kotlin are used for the android development to build the applications with best features. Android jetpack manages the activities like background tasks, support the library, navigation, and life cycle management. Android jetpack is designed with work manager, paging, navigation and slices. Let me discuss about all these new features in detail. Android devices are suitable for the IOT devices as android things 1.0 is easy to scale. 10,000 developers downloaded the SDK android 1.0 as it supported as guaranteed long term support. Android security and stability is enhanced by the Google. Join the Android Training in Chennai and enhance your skills in app development.

Google assistant on smart displays:

These new devices convey the information’s in visual effects. The actions and expressions promote the brand. Visual interfaces are conveying the information’s effectively. Basic cards, lists, tables, carousels and chips are used to optimize the rich responses for smart displays. Learn the latest updates of android via Android Training. This is the best training for the beginners.

Use visuals in the place of the voice:

The user input and the information are listed in the smart displays with the help of several visual formats. Link the information and make your work easier. Android course in Chennai manages your time, so it suits for working professionals and students.

Visual in the place of conversations:

The suggestion chips in the smart displays show the short description about the visual and conversation. Android Training Chennai trains the candidates with expert trainers.

Visuals with themes:

Use the custom themes to promote the brand's persona. The action and the theme are customized in such a way to impress the viewers.

Library of developer resources:

These smart displays are designed and built for the visual devices. The rich responses use visual appearance of your actions. The action console simulator tests the customization.

Android Things:

Android things are designed for the smart home devices and for the internet of things. The new android phones consist of the basic processors and structural pieces. As there are changes in the android things it is supported by the Google assistant who supports the voice, speakers and visuals. With little knowledge in the android development it is now easy to develop the speaker or the smart display in the Google. The smart displays in the Google are the new feature in the android phones to support the voice, visuals and the IOT devices. It is easy to do the customization with the help of the Google smart displays.

How to get started in Mobile Testing?

Quality assurance plays a major role in the mobile app development process. For successful app development, QA will be involved in analyzing concept creation, new product release, testing mobile applications and so one. Mobile application users are increasing day by day. Learn how to test the app with the guidance of Mobile Application Training in Chennai. An expert approach is helpful to test the app in a short span of time.

Testing Challenges

Testing hones the quality and performance for web and desktop application.

Device Fragmentation

Mobile applications are used in Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and much more. Each version has a different operating system, so get to how to work with that field.

Mobile device fragmentation is the challenging task for Quality Assurance departments because it has wide varieties OS, which makes them harder to manage the data and security.

Memory sizes, screen resolutions and connectivity options give a quite headache for the testers, they need to test it everything before launching into the market.

App Lifecycle Testing

Mobile application updates for the following reason:

  1. Agile methodologies provide lots of benefits to the users.
  2. Regular updates help developers to maintain the compatibility.

Testing tools Availability

If your business uses in-house testing, it will be lagging with some testing tools. Get start to learn how to test the applications in a better way via Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai, once learning course from the experts will be helpful to get your dream job with high salary package.

Tablets and Smartphones have become a staple product in every home. In 2005, Google has changed the search results ranking so if a website is not responsive then it would be ranked in lower results. People always prefer to work in a smart way.

We can do everything with the help of android mobile nowadays. Later mobile testing has increased, it helps a lot to do our work and it achieves a great place in the market.


Mobile Appium is a testing framework built on web driver technology. With this Appium tool, you can test the app easily. Learn and enhance your testing skill with the support of Mobile Testing Training. Each and every concept has been explained clearly in a step by step manner. Enroll today and get your dream career.

Interesting facts about English

We all know that English is an interesting language with vast usage. Learning is like an ocean. So, though we know how to speak in English there are certain weird things in English which made English a difficult thing. I want to present you some interesting facts about the English language which is helpful to know where the new learners struggle. Join the Spoken English Classes in Chennai to become an expert in the English language.

Pattern and similarities of English language:

It is difficult to analyze and understand the pattern of the English language. Sole and soul sounds like same but it has different meanings. There are so many best institutes who conduct the Spoken English Class in Chennai to train the students in all the areas. Read and read sounds like the same but both are used for the present tense and the future tense. These types of words are called homophones in English. Bare and bear sounds like the same but both have different meanings. So, English is a tricky language. Without practice, it is difficult to understand the pattern of the language and the similar words. There are some verbs which sound alike in the past tense, present tense and future tense. Bet, broadcast, burst, cut; cost, cast and fit are some of the example words for the similar words. Spoken English in Chennai is the important area to focus because it enhances the job opportunities and increases the tourism industry also. Tourism industry attracts the huge foreign population.

Grammar and pronunciation:

The answer and the question are the same. It is easy to write the answer as the grammar in the question and answer is the same. For instance, if the question is like is it? Then the answer is yes it is. So, it is a stereotype to believe that one can learn English successfully with simple ways to remember the language. Listen to English films, English videos and chat with the native English speakers. The pronunciation in the English language is difficult to understand without practice. Simple grammar and the simple pronunciation can be improved by using the simple learning techniques. Join the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai to improve the language skills.

Vocabulary and phrases:

The vocabulary and phrases are the challenging part of the English language as it requires huge memory. The easiest way of learning the vocabulary are learning the new word with a sentence and using the sentence often when speaking. Use the new words or vocabulary when speaking to get used to it. Learn the phrases and use the phrases in your native language. Correlating the vocabulary and the phrases in a native language and using it in the day to day life improves the spoken English skills. Don’t feel to make mistakes when speaking in the English language. We learn from our mistakes. So, mistakes boost up our memory and correct us when speaking repetitively. So, learn from multiple resources like online, film media, real-time chat with native speakers and friends chat. Learning with intense interest is the secret method to win over and get fluency in the English language.

Why should I learn JavaScript?

JavaScript has become an essential web technology along with CSS and HTML. It allows you to build interactive websites. It also has many frameworks like Angular, React, Backbone, Jquery and much more. JavaScript popularity is increasing day by day. A web browser is one of the most used applications on both mobile and desktop devices. Lots of services are moving to the web, but JavaScript increases the popularity. Many businesses and developers have used JavaScript to extend their web products which means JavaScript helps to build both mobile and desktop applications. Almost, 10 million popular pages on the internet are using JavaScript.

Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are using Java. Learn app development through Best Java Training in Chennai. Experts approach is helpful for you to learn all about coding. Java is mandatory to get job in today’s world. Companies like Google and Facebook are investing heavily to build better app.

Easy to pick up

Javascript is easy to pick up. Without basic knowledge of C, C++ a programmer cannot able to create mobile application using Java.


Java is mainly used for frontend development. There are various tools available in Java which helps to build mobile application with best features. “Written Once, Run Anywhere” (WORA) is a slogan created by Sun Microsystems.

Reasons to learn JavaScript

  1. JavaScript in the browser:Java is a platform independent language. User can install Java software, write and compile the code as per their need.
  2. Most popular programming Language:It is the most popular programming language in today’s world. Lakhs of apps are created using Java programming language.
  3. Everywhere: Java is everywhere nowadays and it works on the server with nodejs. It works on IoT devices, at the same time it used to make cross-platform desktop applications. With Java, a programmer can create generate art, music, etc.
  4. Easy to learn:Compared to other programming languages, Java coding is easy to learn. This is the world’s most popular online coding bootcamp, you can start learning right away. Java course in Chennai is the right choice to learn Java course.
  5. Game Development: Browser is a place where people go crazy in it. You will become a professional game developer if you know JavaScript well. You can make HTML5 and JavaScript games like shooting asteroids.
  6. Make your own blog: With CSS3, HTML and JavaScript skills you will be no longer to rely on blogging platforms to sustain your blog.
  7. Find Bugs:A programmer can easily find bugs in Java coding.

Presently, there is a huge demand for Java developers. If you want to learn Java course reach over at Java Training in Chennai. Specialist approach is helpful to learn coding in the short span of time.

Prerequisites to Learn AWS Cloud

Cloud is an emerging technology in today’s world, the financial result of major cloud providers for the fourth quarter of 2017 have revealed huge growth for businesses with 49% and 95% revenue growth for AWS and Microsoft.

Microsoft and Amazon being the market leaders in cloud computing. Learn how to work cloud field. All over the world, there is a huge demand for cloud professionals.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS cloud offers an extensive variety of infrastructure services, for example, computing power, storage options, database to businesses, etc. Amazon provides on-demand services with pay-as-you-go pricing policy.

AWS was first launched in 2006, it is the largest cloud service provider. It involves data center facilities, hardware infrastructure, software infrastructure, software engineering concepts, virtualization technologies, etc. So, if you want to take AWS course you should go with AWS Training in Chennai. Each and every concept about cloud has been explained clearly with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in cloud computing field.

Knowledge of Networking

Networking plays a major role in Amazon cloud. An individual should have knowledge of how the IP address work and what are the private and public networks. Mastering in networking gives you the best career option in IT cloud computing world.

Knowledge of OS

Amazon cloud is largest one. A programmer usually know the basics of linux and windows OS. Learning Linux will help you to develop web applications with best features. Linux is used in IaaS platform. Basic coding skills are enough to work cloud field and it is always helpful for all. Kick-start your career in cloud computing field.  

Knowledge of Virtualization

Virtualization plays a huge role in cloud computing. Virtualization runs multiple operating systems and it has specific RAM, CPU and disk space capacities. The virtual machine usually shares same network equipment and hardware. Know more about cloud computing via AWS course in Chennai. Experts at FITA Academy make you become an expert in this field.

Difference between public cloud and private cloud

Public Cloud

It allows you to store data with high security and you can access your data as wherever you are in the world. It is utilized with pay per utilize approach.

Private Cloud

It is more over similar to private cloud. Without exact authorization, no one is going to access your account and you can also share your data from one to another with high security.

Hope this helps.