What are the new features in android?

Jet pack and kotlin are used for the android development to build the applications with best features. Android jetpack manages the activities like background tasks, support the library, navigation, and life cycle management. Android jetpack is designed with work manager, paging, navigation and slices. Let me discuss about all these new features in detail. Android devices are suitable for the IOT devices as android things 1.0 is easy to scale. 10,000 developers downloaded the SDK android 1.0 as it supported as guaranteed long term support. Android security and stability is enhanced by the Google. Join the Android Training in Chennai and enhance your skills in app development.

Google assistant on smart displays:

These new devices convey the information’s in visual effects. The actions and expressions promote the brand. Visual interfaces are conveying the information’s effectively. Basic cards, lists, tables, carousels and chips are used to optimize the rich responses for smart displays. Learn the latest updates of android via Android Training. This is the best training for the beginners.

Use visuals in the place of the voice:

The user input and the information are listed in the smart displays with the help of several visual formats. Link the information and make your work easier. Android course in Chennai manages your time, so it suits for working professionals and students.

Visual in the place of conversations:

The suggestion chips in the smart displays show the short description about the visual and conversation. Android Training Chennai trains the candidates with expert trainers.

Visuals with themes:

Use the custom themes to promote the brand's persona. The action and the theme are customized in such a way to impress the viewers.

Library of developer resources:

These smart displays are designed and built for the visual devices. The rich responses use visual appearance of your actions. The action console simulator tests the customization.

Android Things:

Android things are designed for the smart home devices and for the internet of things. The new android phones consist of the basic processors and structural pieces. As there are changes in the android things it is supported by the Google assistant who supports the voice, speakers and visuals. With little knowledge in the android development it is now easy to develop the speaker or the smart display in the Google. The smart displays in the Google are the new feature in the android phones to support the voice, visuals and the IOT devices. It is easy to do the customization with the help of the Google smart displays.