How to get started in Mobile Testing?

Quality assurance plays a major role in the mobile app development process. For successful app development, QA will be involved in analyzing concept creation, new product release, testing mobile applications and so one. Mobile application users are increasing day by day. Learn how to test the app with the guidance of Mobile Application Training in Chennai. An expert approach is helpful to test the app in a short span of time.

Testing Challenges

Testing hones the quality and performance for web and desktop application.

Device Fragmentation

Mobile applications are used in Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and much more. Each version has a different operating system, so get to how to work with that field.

Mobile device fragmentation is the challenging task for Quality Assurance departments because it has wide varieties OS, which makes them harder to manage the data and security.

Memory sizes, screen resolutions and connectivity options give a quite headache for the testers, they need to test it everything before launching into the market.

App Lifecycle Testing

Mobile application updates for the following reason:

  1. Agile methodologies provide lots of benefits to the users.
  2. Regular updates help developers to maintain the compatibility.

Testing tools Availability

If your business uses in-house testing, it will be lagging with some testing tools. Get start to learn how to test the applications in a better way via Mobile Application Testing Training in Chennai, once learning course from the experts will be helpful to get your dream job with high salary package.

Tablets and Smartphones have become a staple product in every home. In 2005, Google has changed the search results ranking so if a website is not responsive then it would be ranked in lower results. People always prefer to work in a smart way.

We can do everything with the help of android mobile nowadays. Later mobile testing has increased, it helps a lot to do our work and it achieves a great place in the market.


Mobile Appium is a testing framework built on web driver technology. With this Appium tool, you can test the app easily. Learn and enhance your testing skill with the support of Mobile Testing Training. Each and every concept has been explained clearly in a step by step manner. Enroll today and get your dream career.