Prerequisites to Learn AWS Cloud

Cloud is an emerging technology in today’s world, the financial result of major cloud providers for the fourth quarter of 2017 have revealed huge growth for businesses with 49% and 95% revenue growth for AWS and Microsoft.

Microsoft and Amazon being the market leaders in cloud computing. Learn how to work cloud field. All over the world, there is a huge demand for cloud professionals.

What is Amazon Web Services?

AWS cloud offers an extensive variety of infrastructure services, for example, computing power, storage options, database to businesses, etc. Amazon provides on-demand services with pay-as-you-go pricing policy.

AWS was first launched in 2006, it is the largest cloud service provider. It involves data center facilities, hardware infrastructure, software infrastructure, software engineering concepts, virtualization technologies, etc. So, if you want to take AWS course you should go with AWS Training in Chennai. Each and every concept about cloud has been explained clearly with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and enhance your skills in cloud computing field.

Knowledge of Networking

Networking plays a major role in Amazon cloud. An individual should have knowledge of how the IP address work and what are the private and public networks. Mastering in networking gives you the best career option in IT cloud computing world.

Knowledge of OS

Amazon cloud is largest one. A programmer usually know the basics of linux and windows OS. Learning Linux will help you to develop web applications with best features. Linux is used in IaaS platform. Basic coding skills are enough to work cloud field and it is always helpful for all. Kick-start your career in cloud computing field.  

Knowledge of Virtualization

Virtualization plays a huge role in cloud computing. Virtualization runs multiple operating systems and it has specific RAM, CPU and disk space capacities. The virtual machine usually shares same network equipment and hardware. Know more about cloud computing via AWS course in Chennai. Experts at FITA Academy make you become an expert in this field.

Difference between public cloud and private cloud

Public Cloud

It allows you to store data with high security and you can access your data as wherever you are in the world. It is utilized with pay per utilize approach.

Private Cloud

It is more over similar to private cloud. Without exact authorization, no one is going to access your account and you can also share your data from one to another with high security.

Hope this helps.